Friday, 10 May 2013

Drawing the Line at Gibraltar Point Residency

After months of not working together, we took a week in mid-March to draw on a large scale and spend some time exploring Toronto Island. The drawings took their subject from what we found on the island. It was easy coming together to draw and spend relaxing time catching up and talking about art things ... lots and lots of art things !

It was still cold with winter's snow which made for wonderful sights and sounds.

There were many things to do ... like reading about the Island

and exploring crannies.

We had a huge studio space to ourselves and spent most of our time there.

One permanent Island resident, CJ the cat, visited briefly each day. He was mostly interested in using our outside door to get to the back garden. Otherwise, our studio was our sanctum.

Here are the two large (16 ft long) drawings we produced. 

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